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YWCA Missoula, in partnership with the Missoula Interfaith Collaborative (MIC), is entering the final stages of construction on the Meadowlark, a new homeless family and domestic violence shelter for Missoula. The Meadowlark will enable us to help women, men and children during some of the most desperate times of their lives. Whenever a family loses housing or an individual suffers domestic or sexual violence in Missoula, we will provide safe shelter that night—plus the support necessary to rapidly move into a stable home and live a life free from violence. 

Construction on The Meadowlark is projected to be completed by early spring 2021. When the doors open, the rooms will fill with families thrilled to have a bed for everyone. Staff members and trained volunteers will have adequate time and dignified space to support families as they successfully transition in and out of the center. And, our focus on partnerships and consolidation of services gives our community a meaningful chance to end family homelessness.

The Meadowlark will provide services to over 3,000 unduplicated people each year. This includes sheltering 243 homeless families, with approximately 550 children annually. Every family that takes shelter in The Meadowlark will have experienced trauma from the effects of poverty such as homelessness or not having enough to eat, the fear of being separated from loved ones, and domestic violence. In recognition of the strong evidence connecting visual arts with the promotion of healing from trauma, we are reaching out to the community of artists in Missoula.

We are looking for artists to submit between one (1) and three (3) pieces of original art for consideration for installation throughout The Meadowlark. The themes for the facility include family, stability, warmth and home. In reflection of disproportionate effects of poverty, homelessness and violence on BIPOC communities, we are interested in pieces that are culturally representative. To honor the traditionally tribal land that the Meadowlark is situated on, YWCA Missoula is especially seeking Native American representation. Our hope is to have close to half (or more) of the art work displayed be by Indigenous artists.

2D, 3D, muralists, multi- and mixed-media forms of art will all be considered by the committee. However, The Meadowlark will house many families with children, so please be mindful of the clientele when proposing pieces. Anything fragile in nature or of inappropriate content for children would not be a good fit.

We will provide $500 compensation for each piece that is accepted by the selection committee. All art accepted will become the property of YWCA Missoula, including- but not limited to- the right of YWCA Missoula to resell any art work accquired through this call. The art can be existing, or newly-created with the Meadowlark in mind. All pieces must come ready for hanging or installation. 

Installation is expected to occur when The Meadowlark is near completion, which is anticipated for early spring of 2021. Ideally, pieces selected for the facility will be available to YWCA Missoula by February 28, 2021. However, alternate arrangements can be made with YWCA Missoula for the artist to install the piece through early spring in 2021. In your proposal, please include an estimation of the amount of time installation will take and if you are choosing to install the piece yourself. 

For more information about The Meadowlark, visit SeeThemHome.org.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.